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3D CAD Models

3D CAD models are created by CAD drafting services that specialize in 3D Modeling. These companies more times than most are in the mechanical drawing field because they deal with mechanical parts that must be 3D modeled with special software. Architect's are now starting to use CAD software that is extremely similar in quite a few ways. For instance, you can create 3D walls and door's by selecting which dimensions you want and inserting them into the CAD drafting software. It will instantly create a wall with an exact width, length, and height.

Technology is really starting to catch on when it comes to design and designing 3D CAD models. You can actually design something on CAD like a gear for instance. Send the drawing file to a special shop that has CNC machines made specifically for machine parts, and have it created in an instant. This could be used for any number of things like parts on the space shuttle, or what about a bicycle frame. The limitations to 3D CAD models are basically limitless. Anything the mind can imagine, can be designed with this CAD drafting tool, and nothing is out of reach. The only thing holding someone back from designing any 3D CAD model they want is their imagination.

3D CAD modeling has taken over the days of the ordinary draftsmen and his drafting table. With an array of tools at the fingertips of the CAD drafter the drafting board doesn't have a chance. Believe me though I'm not extremely excited or anything, I actually grew up using one of these and that's the reason why I'm in the drafting field now. Technology with 3D CAD models is just going to get more advanced, and user friendly as time goes on, and more sophisticated designs will be produced at the same time. If you would like to learn more about CAD drafting services visit eLine Design.

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Benefits of Using 3D CAD Design & 3D Modeling Compared to 2D Method

There are several key benefits of using 3D CAD design and CAD 3D modeling in Civil, Mechanical and Architectural industry. Key benefits include simplicity, automation and interactive analysis. Integrating CAD systems with Enterprise Resource Planning systems create highly efficient design process across organization.
Using 3D CAD modeling engineer can greatly improve design quality because it is far more comprehensive process than 2D design. Hence, many human errors that can occur with conventional 2D design methods are avoided. The designer who uses 2D method has to hold much of the information mentally. With 3D environment he/she can visualize whole structure or product with real-life simulation and can avoid errors such as member collisions and incorrect quantities. Reducing human errors minimizes the need for re-work, improves overall design quality and saves costs.

With 2D views, projections might show a specific member in several different views while other members might be completely omitted to maintain drawing precision. This results in poor quantity estimation. With 3D design modeling material estimation process becomes simple because items are represented as they occur in the design. As long as a CAD 3D design is created as a true to life model, designer gets quantities with exact accuracy.

Communication of design intent among different departments is greatly improved by using 3D CAD modeling. With 2D method, non technical people have to wait for a prototype design before they can clearly understand the project. Since CAD 3D modeling generates pictorial views along with conventional projections, the design intent can clearly be understood by anyone. This helps in effectively communicate 3D modeling design and improve inter-departmental understanding earlier in the project cycle, thus saving time and minimize human errors. Customer presentations, manufacturing and technical publications all benefit from this.

A very substantial and up-to-date approach can be realized by using 3D AutoCAD modeling - particularly in the eyes of client. 3D models are increasingly being used by Manufactures, fabricators and contractors for getting accurate drawings and renderings of product/architecture/structure design.

Outsourcing 3D CAD modeling services offer many advantages such as less infrastructure, competitive edge, less cost, leverage expert help, reliability and security. That is why 3D CAD design outsourcing is the most common among AEC industry today.
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