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3D CAD Designer Secrets

Becoming an efficient 3D CAD designer takes time, and an understanding of how to manipulate the commands at your disposal within CAD software. With a few of my very own trade secrets I can help you design 3D models in less than half the time it takes most CAD designers. With these tips, and a good understanding of the commands in CAD software, your designs can be professional, precise, and developed within a matter of minutes. Don't forget though, accuracy, and precision are more important in designing than speed.

When starting a 3D model the most important trick is to start designing at the right point. In most CAD programs today there is a space within the 3D realm called the origin. The origin is the point where the drawing planes within model space intersect. The three planes are known as the XY, XZ, and YZ planes. Right in the center where they all meet is the origin of the 3D environment, and where any professional designer should start first. The advantage of doing this is it allows you to draw a sketch in any direction you please, thus making the process of using the commands much easier. Not only are planes used to sketch on, but they can be used in conjunction with the commands to perform the necessary task to create 3D models.

Before any CAD designer starts working on a 3D drawing they need to ask themselves what is the most efficient way of designing this model. What makes a good CAD drafter is the way he, or she goes about designing the project. The least amount of commands executed the better. Always try to think how you can use commands like mirror, and copy to lessen the amount of work in the design. For instance, if a drawing is exactly the same from some center point, you only have to draw half of it, then use mirror to create the other half. Ideally the CAD draftsmen would design the half from the origin extending out, so the mirrors edge would lie on a plane. This would allow the command to be performed correctly, as well as centering the design on the origin, which is exactly where you want it to be.

With several years of experience designing 3D models with CAD, I've come to realize that keeping your design centered within the origin is the most important decision you can make. While your in the environment for creating 3D features the origin allows you to have a rotation axis for commands like revolve, and circular pattern. If you're extruding an object that lies on the XY plane for instance, there's an option within extrude that allows the object to extrude in both directions, placing your 3D object directly in the center of the origin. If you take advantage of all the commands embedded in CAD programs you can save minutes, hours, and even days worth of work.

The secret to becoming a great 3D CAD designer is to utilize all the tools available, and to design your features with the least amount of steps. Just make sure you spend a few minutes before every design studying the characteristics and dimensions that make up the 3D model. After practicing these techniques over time, you should be able to identify the most direct path to achieving your 3D drawing. Also make sure you familiarize yourself with all the commands in the CAD software, because if you don't know the power at your fingertips, how can you ever take advantage of it?

Clay Bowling-Owner of eLine Design LLC an Online Invention & Prototype Design Company-If You would like to learn more about the Invention & Prototype Design Process Click Here- CAD Invention & Prototype Designers

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Invention Designer and 3D CAD Designers

Invention Designers 
Invention & Prototype CAD Designers are a type of CAD drafter that specializes in custom 3D CAD Modeling. They design plastic mold designs, injection molds, CNC, metal parts, gears, concept designs, and more. Invention design services aren't easily found locally, so that is why the best resource to find them is online. That's just about the truth for any type of Specialty Company now, and if you look in the right places online you can find Invention & prototype designers who can provide you with exactly what you want. There are tons of resources online for Inventors provided through the US patent agency, and if they can't point you in the right direction than online forums that have specialty groups should do the trick. One of the best online resources for Inventors I've found so far is LinkedIn. Once you register all you need to do is join one of their groups related to Inventors, and post a question. More than likely someone there has some information that you can find useful.

Prototypes and CAD 
CAD is the acronym for computer aided drafting or computer aided design. Almost anything you see now is designed with CAD software. With this technically advanced software CAD Invention designers can produce the most sophisticated designs imaginable. The software can scale designs so accurately that they can be brought down to over ten-thousandth of an inch. This technology allows Prototype designers to create anything an Inventor can imagine. Once the CAD drafting service has designed the prototype, the files can be sent directly to the manufacturer where the CAD files are read by machines which produce anything from mechanical parts, sheet metal, CNC, plastic molds, injection molds, and anything that is manufactured on a large scale today. There are so many types of CAD software available that they can design anything from a shoe, to a B2 Bomber. CAD is the industries standard for creating inventions and prototypes, and I don't see this trend slowing down anytime in the near future.

Invention Design Help 
If you're an Inventor and you're looking for design help like I stated previously your best bet is to Google an online cad designer who specializes in invention and prototype designing. There are tons of resources available to inventors if you research long and hard enough. The internet is an endless resource for any information you seek. You can save tons of money by doing research yourself instead of paying ridiculous engineering, patent attorney fees, and more. Don't forget that most patent attorneys aren't looking out for you and your invention, but for themselves. Procrastination is one of their favorite tools of the trade, and once you sign over power of attorney to one of them you're basically at their mercy. Most people won't even talk with you about your invention or prototype because of this fact, so be careful. Be smart, do research yourself online, and in most situations everything will work out for you and you newly thought of invention.

Clay Bowling-Owner of eLine Design LLC an Online Invention & Prototype Design Company-If You would like to learn more about the Invention & Prototype Design Process Click Here- CAD Invention & Prototype Designers

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