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CAD Cam Machinery

The Cad Cam machinery is based on CAD and CAM, the short of Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing respectively. As the term means, it simply means that the computer remote machines that can be used for the designing and the controlling of manufacturing processes purposes. The CAD and CAM machinery has its own value, it is so heavy and well equipped that it is used for the engineering and architectural purposes for drawing and sketching a really form of image making it more compatible for the technical usage. This can be explained easily that once the design is made by the CAD component, the design itself will control the machines involved in constructing that part, on the format.

Making it simple this can be explained in portions, let us first discus what does the CAD means and what machines do with CAD, as it is the short of computer aided designing, it directly signals that those machines are helpful in designing aspects, for the professionals, the engineers and for the architectural purposes. These machines are composed of special type of software and often hardware that includes the main geometry-authoring tool within the PLM process. As the CAD is the main type, according to its utility it has some different titles as well like the CADD and CAID, which defines as the computer aided designing and drafting, as the CAD is often termed as the drafting tool as well, and the computer aided industrial design and also the CAAD which means the computer aided architectural designs, these all titles tend to be similar but minor differences in the work manner have given it new names.

The new packages of CAD include the 2D vector based drafting system and the 3D parametric surface and solid design modelers. The CAD is a very useful tool for which it means a lot, it is not just a designing tool but it is high full-bodied designing tool. It is the power of computer designing sources that is merged with the heavy machinery to make it more compatible for the advanced functioning in the thermal processes, fluid flow analysis, stress analysis and shear analysis. The meaning of advanced designing is fulfilled with the use of CAD tool. It is simple to use and is highly effective, thus saving time and profiting the person who owe it. It is drastic software that is used in many purposes of work fields where time is less like CAD and CAM is used for the food processing as well to secure the speed of the production line. When it comes to the CAM, it simply means that it is helpful tools regarding manufacturing processes in definite time. It the tool that is aided by the computer in the robotic form so as to make the manufacturing purpose more enhanced. The CAM is used to make the procedure more easy and quick to make the yield in less time and less complex method.

The use of CAD and CAM together is very authentic and together they are used in different working areas to make the designing and manufacturing processes highly well suited. The CNC program is created with the CAM tool, the combination of CAD and CAM tools create a CNC program, the CAM usually comes wit the machine called lathe or chisel, the two if comes together costs very expensive that is more than $1 million. The two together offers great advantages because its accurate and focused functioning on the major and minor objects for correction, realigning and adjusting geometric positioning and aligning metric systems within it.

The CAD CAM machinery is used worldwide in schools and many organizations that create, invent or manufacture new products.

CNC And CAD Software - How Do I Choose The Right CAD Program For Me?

There are multiple CAD programs available for design. Generally people become familiar with one and stick with it. As far as selecting the right one, my advice is this. Most software companies have a free trial. Thirty-day trials are common. Take advantage of these trial periods and test the software out. Then at the end, decide if you want to try another software or stick with your best one. I would advise you try out at least three different packages.

The one you select will probably have to do with you liking the interface or finding it intuitive. Keep in mind it may work for you now. A simple to use and understand interface probably has some limitations for your designs. The very best programs are complex with many tools that give you the most control. I have found that I start with a simple program and outgrow it. At some point I move up to the next level of software. This usually means a higher price as well.

Types of CAD

There are different types of CAD out there. These are the ones I deal with from time to time. 2D CAD, 2.5D CAD, and 3D CAD. Here are some quick explanations of each type.


2D CAD is generally on the low end of CAD software packages. 2D CAD is most often vector based. The design consists on the X and Y-axis only. The designs are made up of lines, circles, ovals, slots, curves, etc. There is no “depth” to the design. Only the outline of the part is visible, to put it in a different way.

2.5D CAD

All of the same descriptions above apply, but the design is prismatic. By that I mean it has the depth of the material. There are Z levels, but they are on singular planes.


3D CAD is on the high end of CAD software packages. 3D CAD can be solid based, wire frame based or nurbs based. The design consists on the X, Y and Z-axis. The designs are made up of lines, circles, ovals, slots, curves, etc, but can also include Spheres, Pyramids, Torrids, Cubes, etc. There is depth to the design. The design can be rotated around 360 degrees. The design is an accurate description of what the part would look like if produced in the real world.

CAD Softwares

There are firms that sell products as well as services to help run a business successfully.
Computer-Aided Design or CAD meets the design requirements of speedy revisions and accurate geometry, making the process of designing very easy. CAD was first used to design and manufacture aeroplanes and now has been developed to suit the needs of any kind of designers in any field of design and have user-friendly interfaces.

Types of CAD Software:
Software developers have benefited immensely by developing various CAD software. Various CAD software offer two-dimensional designs, as well as those offer three-dimensional designs. CAD has made it possible for two people in two remote corners of the world to design and create new products using CAD software as well as the Internet. Artists, mechanical, electronics and civil engineers, architects and interior decorators use CAD software to aid in their designing process.

Designers have two kinds of CAD software to choose, either use the existing 2-D CAD software or go for more advanced 3-D CAD software. Some applications are inherently 2-D based. AutoCAD, Cadkey, CADDS 5, Medusa, and CATIA v4 are examples of 2D CAD software.

Pro/Engineer, Unigraphics NX, SolidWorks, Solid Edge, Autodesk Inventor, CoCreate Solid Designer, and VX CAD are popular 3D CAD software.

3D views are not very clear and are hard to visualize in 2D based CAD software. Hence, designers some times used a physical scaled down model of the product to make corrections and changes if necessary. This is not the case in 3D CAD software where a clear view of the product can be got aiding and quickening the design process. Making changes and corrections using 3D CAD software is easy as the design is automatically corrected, where as in 2D software the drawing may have to be recreated after changing or making corrections. 3D CAD software make it easier to identify mistakes, inaccuracy in dimensions, interferences etc. Hence, save time, energy and money. 3D CAD software designed products are reliable, fit and well designed. The time taken to design and finalize designs is significantly reduced when companies use 3D CAD software. Some software such as SolidWorks collaboration edition, 3D TeamWorks, is designed to help multiple people in different locations to work on one design using secure connections. Only a web browser and an internet connection is necessary making it possible to review designs and finalize them in real time.

It is essential for companies to analyze if they really need to upgrade to 3D CAD software, as they can be a costly and time-consuming process. While companies choose to upgrade to 3D CAD software it is essential to train personnel or hire new qualified and experienced personnel as it may take time to train existing personnel. However, it has to be acknowledged that designing industry has been helped immensely by using CAD software.

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CAD for Beginners

In the 21st century technology has expanded its wings in almost every sphere of knowledge and life style. Hence with the enhancement of technology has empowered Engineers and Designers to get the power to excel with CAD.

Due to the advancement of CAD (computer aided design) there is no painstaking workout of the engineers and draughts-men standing near the drawing board with a huge drafter and trying to draw their concepts.

Recreation of designs & drawings has become so easy today that it takes only an unimaginable fraction of a second. Sharing of a single platform helps the draughts man to divide the time consumption and hence increases the productivity.

A completely new drawing can be created with a base drawing and slight modification of some part of it and unlike in paper drawings where a draughts man has to redraw again the whole drawing which, consumes not only his time but also reduces productivity and interest in work.

Once converted to CAD format, the drawings can be copied any number of times, any part can be added/removed to a drawing without disturbing the original one. Various engineering data can be retrieved as well from the drawings without doing any further calculations manually.

What is CAD?

CAD is the short term for "Computer Aided Designing" or sometimes spelled as "CADD" which refers to "Computer Aided Designing and Draughting". It’s the process of conversion of design data into digital format that enable the data handling easier, quicker and safer. Through CAD technology, almost any type of designs and drawings can be done. Designers from various fields such as Engineering, Architecture, Fashion, Textile, and Graphics are now days highly dependent on CAD technologies.

CAD is a computer-assisted technology, used for making various types of graphics designs. It has inherited its base technology from Co-ordinate Geometry and Mathematics. Further developments have been made to suit different domains and their related design requirements. The basic entities used in any CAD environment are point, line, polygon and text. These entities have been further modified to create circle, ellipse, parabola, hyperbola, mesh and 3D objects like Sphere, rhombus, cube, cylinder and so on.

Software in Use

Based on the concept of CAD technology, many CAD software have been developed by software giants like Auto-desk Inc, Bentley, Dassult Systemes, Some of the leading software in the industry are Auto-CAD, Micro-station, CATIA, Pro-Engineer, Uni-graphics, Solid-Edge, STAAD Pro, Auto-Civil, Auto-desk Inventor and the list goes on and on.

It is frequently seen in use for engineering fields, although it is also applied for other vector graphics designs in no fewer manners. Due to CAD facilities, the repetition of work are minimized, exact accuracy can be achieved; reproduction is not a problem now days. After conversion into digital format it can also be sent through electronic mail to any part of the world as an editable file. Due to availability of a lot of file formats, the same file can be opened and used in a variety of CAD software.

Computer aided design (CAD) Process:

In CAD, generally the drawings are done according to the dimensions given either in a hard copy like paper or it may have been mentioned in a raster or image file, which is a scanned copy of the paper drawing. If the source drawing is a hard copy, then putting the hard copy by the side and referring to the same does the drawings. But this is a cumbersome process. So another process has been developed in which, the hard copy is scanned and the same is attached into the drawing platform say, Auto CAD. Then it becomes easier to draw the elements. This type of draughting is called as on-line draughting.

Area of Use:

As it is easy to work with cad software the authorities, engineers, draughts-men in many part of the world have already begun to work with the most advanced facilities and technologies like CAD (Computer Aided Designing) for creation, modification, reproduction, safely store and enhancement of dynamism in their drawings, such as: Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Engineering, Architectural Engineering, Aerospace, Automobile, Manufacturing, Production, Plumbing, Piping, HVAC and Fashion Design etc...


From this inception, it has been human nature to innovate, discover, invent new things and so has been his creation. Design may be pronounced as the synonym for creation. So there is no end to man’s creation, design and hence CAD. By passage of time it’ll be even smarter, quicker and sophisticated.

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