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Solid Edge ST3

Synchronous Technology: Fulfilling the Vision with Solid Edge ST3

Synchronous technology is the only solution that can accelerate design creation by eliminating design pre-planning, speed engineering change orders (ECOs) by eliminating model regeneration, and improve reuse by editing imported computer-aided design (CAD) data like native models.

Solid Edge ST3 brings all assembly applications − such as piping, frames, wiring and assembly features − to synchronous users. Synchronous assembly designs with part-to-part associativity can be established before, during, or after the modeling process, even to imported parts. With these enhancements, complete synchronous-based digital prototypes can be created, all without design pre-planning.

Solid Edge ST3 integrates synchronous and ordered features into a single environment. Designers can use the synchronous features for accelerated design, flexible edits and improved imported design reuse, but add ordered features (traditional) for designing process-type parts such as cast/machine. Ordered features in existing models can be selectively moved to synchronous, letting designers preserve workflows but leverage the power of synchronous technology easier than ever.

Solid Edge ST3 users can now make better use of imported 3D models. Manufacturing dimensions on 2D drawings − such as distance between holes and overall height − can be automatically transferred to the 3D model. The resulting 3D dimensions are editable and let designers change what's important. This new enhancement is ideal when moving entire 3D data to Solid Edge using the built-in bulk migration tools.

Engineering Simulation for More Real-World Conditions with Solid Edge ST3 Engineering Simulation

Solid Edge Simulation includes more enhanced load and constraint types, model simplification for faster simulations, and synchronous technology for speeding design iterations.

Today’s designers are always looking for ways to design successful products without having to build and test prototypes. Solid Edge Simulation is a built-in analysis tool that lets engineers define and test designs as digital prototypes before production. From Solid Edge Simulation Express to Solid Edge Simulation to Femap, Solid Edge ST3 further reduces the need for physical prototypes by providing more engineering simulation capabilities for both existing and synchronous-based designs.

New digital prototyping capabilities let designers simulate torque, bearings, and how parts are bolted together. Solid Edge ST3 lets designers simulate parts faster with model simplification that hides unnecessary features such as rounds, holes, fillets, etc. When design refinements are needed, synchronous technology allows fast, flexible change.

Integrated CAD Data Management with Solid Edge ST3 Integrated Data Management Solution

Improved collaboration, through Solid Edge Insight™ on Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and Teamcenter Express integrated CAD data management solutions, provides transparent task and data management and integrates design data and processes with key business processes for a wider range of users.

Design data management inside Solid Edge is more than searching and vaulting; it includes project management and business reporting. Solid Edge Insight™, now on Microsoft® SharePoint™ 2010, links computer-aided design (CAD) data to business processes. Released in 2001, Insight was the first Microsoft SharePoint-based CAD data management tool, and today is successfully used  by thousands of customers. In this release, Solid Edge Insight takes advantage of the latest technology in Microsoft SharePoint, such as task and project management, built-in collaboration tools, and business reporting. Users can collaborate better with customers and suppliers, manage tasks using CAD data, and estimate costs and analyze product makeup with PowerPivot.

Addressing Thousands of Customer Requests with Solid Edge ST3 Customer Requests

Solid Edge ST3 is designed by engineers for engineers, so we have improved the depth and robustness of the entire application including design, applications, drafting and usability.

With each Solid Edge release, we listen and respond to our customers’ needs. Delivered in Solid Edge ST3 are thousands of enhancements to modeling, assembly applications, the user interface (UI), draft, and CAD data management. Customers get the benefit of increased productivity across the entire product. The list below highlights just a few of the enhancements in Solid Edge ST3.